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Episcopal e-Doors

There are two front doors to an Episcopal Church: the red door and the website.



The Episcopal e-Doors Project was initiated to assist small churches in the New York Diocese to create welcoming and branded websites. In consultation with the Congregational Development Office, we collaborated with three churches chosen for diversity and commitment to engage in this test process. During the project we visited the churches, interviewed the rectors and selected leaders, took photos of worship services and events, collected content, and created three unique websites capturing the vitality and spirit of each community.  We believe the Episcopal e-Doors process is a model that can be utilized easily by other churches to create engaging websites. The examples range from simple to custom.

All sites were developed using WordPress, an increasingly popular content management system that allows website owners the ability to maintain, edit, and grow their online presence without the assistance of outside vendors. In order to empower rectors to manage their sites we developed training materials and offered training sessions tailored to meet the particular technical abilities of each church including integrating social media, audio/video media, and visual components (even branding). Once websites were designed and functional we assisted church leaders with focused technical training to maintain and continue to grow an inviting web presence.


Click on the links below to view some of the different templates/sites.



The Basic-eDoors template is elegant and affordable. This template changes little but can be made to look distinct with the addition of pictures and words unique to a church’s congregation.


Click on the Custom websites link to view templates/sites that have a bit more complexity and a lot more customization.